Britney Spears Stirred Up The Mtv Vmas With An Excellent Performance And Incredibly “Sexy” Choreography

Britney Spears made an impressive return to the MTV VMA stage after being away for ten years. The pop queen wowed the audience with her latest single Make Me… Her dance moves were on point, but she lip-synced the performance. Britney looked stunning in a gold leotard that had a deep neckline, matching choker, and high-heeled boots. She was also adorned by the 2011 Video Vanguard Award, making her look even more glamorous than ever before.

Can you believe it? The iconic Britney Spears has returned to the MTV VMA stage after a decade, and she did not disappoint. She delighted fans with her newest track, Make Me…, on Sunday.

She's ba-ack! Britney Spears returned to the MTV VMA stage for the first time in a decade to perform her brand new single Make Me... on Sunday

With a strong sense of purpose and self-assurance, she confidently took to the stage at Madison Square Garden. The coveted 2011 Video Vanguard Award shone bright around her neck as she strutted in her striking gold leotard, which was perfectly complemented by a matching choker and high-heeled boots, completing her fierce and bold look.

Fit: There's no doubt the 34-year-old pop diva was in the best shape of her life during the dance-heavy yet lip-synced rendition of her R&B-influenced ballad

Despite lip-syncing and relying heavily on dance moves, Britney Spears looked stunning during her performance of her R&B-inspired ballad. The 34-year-old pop icon was in top physical form, opting for a surprisingly simple show compared to her usual flashy performances. Her signature blonde extensions and a large white backdrop were the only accompanying elements as she mime-sang the lyrics to the slow-paced song. Four female dancers and rapper G-Eazy joined her onstage for “Make Me…”, with the towering 6ft5in rapper from Berkeley making Britney, at 5ft4in, look tiny next to him.

Werk: It was a surprisingly stripped show for bronzed Britney, who kicked off the song in silhouette beneath a large white backdrop

Britney’s performance was unexpectedly simple, despite her sun-kissed complexion. Starting off in a dimly lit silhouette, she stood in front of a big white background as she began singing the song.

In unison: The Private Show hitmaker sported her signature flaxen hair extensions as she mimed the lyrics of her slow-paced track

The artist famous for her Private Show opted for her signature blonde hair extensions as she lip-synced to her soothing melody.

Sparse production: Spears was joined onstage by four female dancers and G-Eazy, who raps on a couple verses of Make Me...

Britney Spears opted for a simplistic performance where she only had four female dancers and G-Eazy to accompany her on stage. G-Eazy was responsible for the rap verses of the song Make Me…

Giant! At 6ft5in, the 27-year-old Berkeley native literally towered over the petite 5ft4in Grammy winner

That man is seriously tall! He’s 6 feet 5 inches, towering over the 5 feet 4 inch Grammy winner. At one point during their performance, Britney placed her hand on G-Eazy’s crotch while she crawled between his legs. However, she kept it classy and didn’t engage in any inappropriate behavior. The two shared a hug and a sweet kiss on the cheek before parting ways. G-Eazy hails from Berkeley and at 27, he’s quite the imposing figure.

Racy! At one point in the song, Britney put her French manicured hand on the crotch of G-Eazy's black skinny jeans

Wow, things got hot and steamy at the show! Britney didn’t hold back and boldly placed her well-manicured fingers on the front of G-Eazy’s snug-fitting black jeans.

Still a slave 4 u! The Mississippi-born blonde then crawled between the handsome hip-hop star's - born Gerald Gillum - long legs

Stay captivated! The blonde woman from Mississippi crawled towards the appealing rapper, known by the name Gerald Gillum, and settled herself between his long legs.

Thanks! Careful not to cross a line into raunchy, Spears gave G-Eazy a hug and a chaste kiss on the cheek afterwards

Spears, being mindful of not crossing any lines, shared a warm hug with G-Eazy and gave him a sweet kiss on his cheek.

Triumphant return: The Clumsy crooner was attempting to redeem her previous, infamous performance at the 2007 awards ceremony

Britney Spears made a grand comeback to the awards show, aiming to make amends for her controversial performance in 2007. The introduction was delivered by Kim Kardashian West, who confessed her admiration for Britney on Twitter. Britney reciprocated by retweeting and expressing her anticipation for the upcoming event, showcasing her massive social media following of 99.9 million.

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