Dua Lipa Dazzles In An Outfit Inspired By The Grammy Awards, Causing Controversy

During an interview with Elle, the 23-year-old singer commented on the lack of female representation at the Grammy Awards and took a subtle jab at Neil Portnow, her boss. She admitted that her comments were intended as shade, but she also felt that it was necessary to speak out.

The talented British vocalist, who was awarded Best New Artist and Best Dance Recording, cleverly acknowledged the lack of female nominees and winners from the previous year. She subtly hinted towards Recording Academy President Neil’s remarks about female artists. She expressed her gratitude towards being nominated alongside so many amazing female artists this year and emphasized on the fact that they have truly stepped up their game.

Dua shared in the interview that her remark was not premeditated, but rather came out spontaneously. Despite being a subtle dig, she believed it was appropriate since the person involved was aware of their actions. In addition to her insightful remarks, Dua looked stunning in various high-end outfits, including a sparkling dress with tulle and frayed accents.

The singer known for her hit song New Rules displayed her dramatic side in a large baby blue tulle gown that flowed down to the ground while she sat atop a white and gold dining room table. Additionally, she wore a heavily ruffled fuchsia mini dress that was accentuated with a bow cinched around her waist and complemented by matching lace tights. Dua’s life has been under close scrutiny since her rise to fame with the release of H๏tter Than Hell in 2016. In her interview with the fashion magazine, Dua shared her experiences with trolls across the globe, stating that the worst abuse she has received has been in the United States. She described the trolls as being brutal and stated that she never experienced hate when starting out. However, as things grew bigger, she felt a strange expectation to be like Beyoncé already. Dua went on to explain that everything she does is scrutinized, and people try to stunt her growth by telling her what she should look like or do, or questioning why she cut her hair.

According to Dua, she always feels anxious about not meeting people’s expectations and acknowledged that overcoming this requires a lot of inner strength. Despite her efforts to avoid reading negative feedback, Dua confessed that she sometimes succumbs to the urge to seek criticism. Nevertheless, she made it clear that she won’t allow other people’s judgments to shape her identity, a message she hopes to convey to her followers. Keep an eye out for the May edition of ELLE magazine, available from April 23.

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