Dua Lipa Shows Off Her Enviable Physique in a Miniature Swimsuit

Recently, Daily Mail published multiple pictures of a popular British singer donning an attractive dark green biκini with a unique pattern, flaunting her alluring physique by a poolside.

This young and beautiful woman, who was born in 1995, has a large following of 86.1 million fans on her personal Instagram account. Her collection of stunning photos has received over 7,000 comments from people who admire her amazing physique.

Online users often compliment Dua Lipa for having a well-defined physique, free from any unwanted body fat and boasting impressive six-pack abs.

The musician stirred up quite a commotion when she arrived at the wedding of fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus and his partner Marco Maestri in Charleval, France, last Saturday (August 27). The reason behind all the buzz was her daring choice of outfit – a striking white dress that was sheer and revealing.

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