Dua Lipa Sizzles in Striking Attire as She Hangs Out with Pal Troye Sivan on a Naturist Beach in Perth before Concluding Her Australian Tour

On Tuesday, Dua Lipa made a grand entrance in Perth before her final show on her Australian tour. The 27-year-old British singer was spotted at Swanbourne Beach, which is known for being a nude-friendly beach. She even met up with Troye Sivan, another pop star who hails from the city. Later, she dined at Shorehouse Bar, which boasts a stunning view of the beach.

On Tuesday, Dua Lipa made quite the entrance in Perth before her final show in Australia. The pop star was accompanied by two imposing security guards as she headed out for food and drinks. Later, Dua met up with fellow musician Troye Sivan and the two embraced warmly before being joined by other friends to watch the sunset together on a nearby bench. Known for hits like “Levitating” and “Don’t Start Now,” Dua looked stunning in a see-through outfit from Jean Paul Gaultier’s new Cyber collection, featuring a colorful design that flattered her enviable figure.

While taking a break, the 27-year-old British singer was spotted hanging out with fellow pop star Troye Sivan at Swanbourne Beach, which happens to be a nude-friendly beach. Her fashion choice for the day consisted of a stunning polka-dot top with long sleeves and matching flared pants. To complete her look, she wore black sunglasses that were placed on her forehead, and she let her long, dark hair flow freely. She kindly took photos with fans and was seen laughing and chatting with them. This talented artist has won three Grammy Awards and continues to impress her fans.

She and Troye were later accompanied by some more acquaintances and enjoyed the beautiful view of the sundown from a nearby seating area.

Dua, the famous singer behind chart-toppers like Levitating and One Kiss, recently flaunted her fit physique in a stunning outfit that featured multiple colours and see-through material. Meanwhile, Troye, also aged 27, opted for a more laid-back look, wearing an orange-and-white-striped shirt paired with black Moschino boardshorts. He completed his outfit with thick black shades and a white cap to protect himself from the sun’s rays. The couple was spotted just before Dua’s final performance in Perth, which concludes the Australian leg of her Future Nostalgia tour.

Afterward, she was spotted having a good time as she shared some laughs and conversations with her admirers.

Prior to the conclusion of her Future Nostalgia tour’s Australian leg, Dua spotted a koala on Tuesday. Meanwhile, rumors about her performing at the World Cup opening ceremony in Qatar have been circulating, but the New Rules singer promptly dismissed them via Instagram. She also criticized Qatar for its poor human rights record.

She graciously consented to have her picture taken with her admirers.

Troye appeared relaxed in his outfit consisting of a shirt with orange and white stripes paired with black Moschino boardshorts.

In a recent statement, the artist responded to rumors of her appearance at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar next week. She made it clear that she will not be performing and has not been involved in any negotiations regarding the matter. Instead, she plans to cheer on England from a distance and expressed her anticipation for visiting Qatar once it has fulfilled all its human rights commitments as promised when it was granted the opportunity to host the event. The message ended with a message of love from her, signed off as Dua.

She expressed her disagreement with the rumors through her Instagram account and criticized Qatar for its terrible human rights history.

In a recent statement, the artist made it clear that she will not be performing at the upcoming Qatar World Cup, and that she has never been involved in any negotiations to do so. This announcement comes just one week before the start of the tournament, as Qatar continues to face criticism for its treatment of women, migrant workers, and LGBT individuals. The main focus of concern is the contractual conditions for the hundreds of thousands of migrant workers responsible for building the infrastructure necessary for the event. It remains to be seen how much attention broadcasters will give to the allegations against the Qatari government, which include reports of workers being denied basic necessities such as food and water, as well as having their passports confiscated.

Only a week before the Qatar World Cup, the Arab country is being subjected to an increasing amount of disapproval regarding its handling of women’s rights, migrant labor, and LGBT individuals.

During a press conference in Doha, it was announced that Robbie Williams will be performing at the Qatar Live concerts. However, there have been allegations of workers not receiving proper payment or receiving delayed minimal payments. A 2019 investigation by the Daily Mirror revealed that 28,000 workers were paid approximately $1 per hour for a 48-hour workweek. On the other hand, David Beckham agreed to a £10 million deal to become an ambassador for Qatar for over a decade, resulting in his being the face of the upcoming World Cup in 2022.

David Beckham has signed a contract worth £10 million to serve as a brand ambassador for the nation for more than ten years. As a result, he has become the representative of the World Cup 2022.

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