Dua Lipa Wears Extremely Thin Outfits To Go To The Beach And Dive With Friends

If you’re not interested in meeting her, then that’s too bad for you.

Dua Lipa extended her birthday festivities after reaching the age of 27 on August 22. She chose to celebrate with close friends while vacationing in Ibiza. Recently, she was seen having a great time with her group on a luxurious schooner sailing around the stunning party destination.

On August 25th, some snapshots were captured of the singer who appeared to be embodying the essence of her popular track “Levitating” as she plunged into the sea from the boat.

It seems like the artist behind the hit song “New Rules” managed to reach the end of a slender wooden pole that was jutting out from the front of the boat before taking a plunge into the ocean.

As she frolicked in the waves, she made an effort to maintain her balance while standing on a surfboard, but ended up taking a plunge into the sea. Eventually, she managed to sit on the board while some of her friends swam nearby.

Dua Lipa wore a stunning neon-green tankini with a red-and-blue tropical-flora pattern on her recent outing. The intricately designed piece seems to be from the fashion brand Chopova Lowena, as they recently featured the singer on their Instagram account. The pictures captured Lipa and around 20 others socializing and swimming in the surrounding waters while on a boat. She also shared some more pictures documenting her fun-filled adventures with friends on the island through her Instagram account.

The London native shared a series of 10 photos on social media, featuring the “Cold Heart” songstress posing on the deck of a boat in white silky halter-top and neon-green tropical flora-patterned capris. The caption read “[L]il fishyyyyyyyy on deck” and showcased pictures of enormous platters of oysters and shellfish paella on the boat with guests including her sister Rina Lipa, model Sarah Lysander, famed music video-director Nabil, model Rosie Amanda Viva, and others. It seems that the capris served as cover-ups over her strappy swimwear.

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