SKIMS Swim Collection by Kim Kardashian Brings the Hottest Pleather Swim Wear!”

She collaborated with renowned photographer Steven Klein to produce a campaign that exuded the essence of the 1990s.

Kim Kardashian Skims Scuba Faux Leather collection

Kim Kardashian has released a new line of swimwear under her brand, SKIMS, which is a departure from the typical tropical and neon bikinis that celebrities often wear. Instead, her Rubberized Scuba Swim and Faux Leather Swim collections are very black, gothic, and reminiscent of a summertime dominatrix. To showcase the new offerings, she has enlisted the help of esteemed photographer Steven Klein, with whom she has had a long-standing collaboration. The images feature bikinis and one-pieces paired with black thigh-high boots and long gloves, creating an unconventional take on swimwear. Kardashian is thrilled with the results and credits Klein’s creative vision for the striking visuals.

SKIMS Kim Kardashian faux leather scuba collection

How about this paraphrase: Let me introduce you to Steven Klein.

Kim Kardashian skims leather scuba

Photographer Steven Klein expressed his admiration for collaborating with icons, saying that they possess a magnetic pull that allows viewers to imagine a dream reality. He considers icons as symbols and the language of desire, and Kim Kardashian speaks this language. Their partnership has explored the power of the image, experimentation, and the alchemical process of being an icon. The SKIMS collection offers various colors and finishes for their scuba and faux leather pieces, such as black, brown, grey, matte, and shiny options. Visit to see the available items.

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