Kylie Jenner Strikes a Pose in a Sultry Black Bikini with a Refreshing Drink

Kylie Jenner

Make sure to keep yourself hydrated! On Tuesday, October 18th, Kylie Jenner revealed her collaboration with GLOW® Beverages Inc., a functional sparkling beverage line, while looking stunning in a black Heavy Manners bikini. In her Instagram posts, she showcased the brand’s Mango Apricot flavor which is just one of the several options the line has to offer. Other flavors include Spicy Watermelon, Ginger Lemon, Cherry Lime, Pineapple Blood Orange, Tiger’s Blood, and GLOW® Shots. The brand also plans to release an Ultra Smooth Alkaline Water in the near future.

Kylie Jenner

The water and functional beverage category has always piqued my interest. That’s why I’m thrilled to be an ambassador for GLOW®, a product that is revolutionizing the industry. Traditionally, sparkling waters lack enhancements, while functional waters lack carbonation. As the creator of Kylie Cosmetics, it’s exciting to support a premium beverage like GLOW®. I designed GLOW® to support my busy lifestyle and cater to individuals with demanding professional schedules rather than just athletes, as explained by John Larson, Founder of GLOW® Beverages Inc.

GLOW Beverages

GLOW Beverages Inc. was founded with the aim of providing an all-day beverage option that is both functional and stylish. The founder wanted a drink that he could enjoy from morning until night, even when he was out socializing after a long day at work. He didn’t want to settle for water or soda when he was out having a good time. This personal need has turned into a growing demand for drinks that offer function, flavor, and style. The GLOW drinks not only taste great and look chic, but they are also free from artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners. They provide essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and electrolytes. With Kylie Jenner and Dak Prescott on board as equity stakeholders and endorsers, GLOW is set to become a major player in the beverage industry.

Kylie Jenner

The photo shared on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account is a unique moment captured by the young celebrity.

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