Kylie Jenner Is Trying to Get You to Vote…With Fall Dior Bikini Photos

If there’s any caption to put on a bikini shot less than two months before the election…

Kylie Jenner sexy en bikini pour faire passer un message très important -  People Ciné News

Kylie Jenner shared some pretty fall bikini photos on her Instagram yesterday, something relatively standard for a Kardashian-Jenner. But she decided to use her caption to do her civic duty: Encourage her millions of followers to make sure they’re registered to vote. It’s a very Elle Woods move of her.

“7th day of fall ?” she captioned the first post of her in a Dior two-piece, then added in her second, “but are you registered to vote? click the link in my bio.. let’s make a plan to vote together”

Kylie’s sister Kendall has also campaigned for people to register to vote, although she did so more directly. Kendall partook in her first-ever Instagram Live to urge people to vote. She spoke with Jon Favreau, co-founder of Crooked Media and President Obama’s former chief speechwriter. Favreau stressed the importance of this presidential election.

Kylie Jenner Posts Thirsty Pic in Push to Get Out the Vote

“Voting won’t elect a savior, it won’t solve all our problems, but voting will give us a chance to do something about climate change, systemic racism, healthcare, and education,” he said, via Entertainment Tonight Canada. “Voting will give us a chance to make sure that our politics isn’t as fucked up as it is right now, and that we’re not all at each other’s throats like we are right now.”

Vòng 1 ngày càng to 'bất thường' của Kylie Jenner khi cô mặc bikini

He pointed out the importance of young people voting, an age group that in the past has had low voter turnout. “If you don’t vote, a bunch of other people who you don’t know will get to make hugely consequential decisions that will affect your life in serious ways,” he said. “And those people will probably be older, and whiter, and richer. They’re going to show up, no matter what, and so should you because you deserve to have a say in your own future. We actually have a lot of power, and if we actually use it by voting, starting with voting, we can completely transform politics, we can completely transform the country. So, young people just have to actually use the power that they already have.”

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