Kylie Jenner’s Chic Sheer Look and Wedding Ring Buzz during Timothee Chalamet Meet-Up

On Thursday, Kylie Jenner flaunted her stunning hourglass physique on Instagram. The 25-year-old makeup tycoon posed in a partly transparent white ensemble that flattered her body, which is impressive since she has already given birth to two children, Storimi and Aire.

The popular reality TV star was sporting a tight crop top that accentuated her toned midsection and showcased her long-sleeves. She paired it with a micro skirt that had a long panel, revealing her muscular legs.

The Kardashian celebrity was spotted standing next to one of her lavish vehicles, holding a drink and showcasing her summer glow. She shared the photo with her massive following of 397 million followers on social media. Her outfit choice was made of a lightweight t-shirt material and revealed quite a bit of skin. Although the top appeared ordinary, a shot from behind showed that it had an extended train covering her backside. The skirt was also unique, as it fit tightly and had a foldover design at the top leading to a lengthy front panel.

To put it differently, this is not something that one would feel at ease wearing to a professional gathering.

The celebrity, whose birth date is on the 10th of August, had her black hair cascading down and appearing voluminous.

With her flawless makeup in shades of plum and exaggerated pouty lips, she gazed flirtatiously at the camera. The door of Jenner’s SUV was ajar, revealing its chic tan and chrome interior.

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