The Controversial Dressing Choice of Kim Kardashian for Her Daughter at a Wedding Party

As the mother-of-four enjoyed her time in Italy with her oldest child, North, some fans were left concerned about the eight-year-old’s clothing choice. Paparazzi captured them together, and some eyebrows were raised due to the outfit North was wearing, which some felt was not suitable for her age.

Kim Kardashian is facing criticism from fans for allowing her young daughter to wear a corset during their recent trip to Italy for Kourtney’s wedding to Travis Barker. The Kardashian family, known for their love of attention, have gathered in the small town of Portofino for the celebration. Kourtney and Travis exchanged vows for the third time.

Kim Kardashian slammed for dressing daughter North, 8, in a corset to wedding  party - Mirror Online

The Kardashian family showed up in full force to celebrate the big day over the weekend, and Kim, who is 41 years old, brought her eight-year-old daughter North West, whom she shares with ex-husband Kanye West. However, Kim has received backlash for allowing North to wear an outfit that some deemed inappropriate for a child. The mother-daughter duo was out and about when the criticism arose.

Kim Kardashian slammed for dressing daughter North, 8, in a corset to  wedding party - Mirror Online

Recently, photos surfaced featuring North wearing an ensemble consisting of a light pink corset, snake-print leggings, and a sheer summer coat with a faux-fur collar. However, fans took to social media and criticized the outfit as being inappropriate for an eight-year-old to wear, considering it was something that her mother, Kim Kardashian, would don. One Reddit user expressed their discomfort, stating that the outfit was unsuitable for North’s age and the current weather conditions. Some fans also commented on how tight and uncomfortable the corset looked on a child, especially in the hot Italian summer temperatures where the photos were taken.

Kim Kardashian slammed for allowing daughter North, 8, to wear  'inappropriate' satin corset for Kourtney's Italy wedding | The Sun

A concerned fan expressed their opinion on social media, stating that it was unfortunate to see a child wearing a coat in Italy’s warm climate. Another individual questioned whether the child was uncomfortable for the sake of fashion. These pictures could potentially upset North’s father, Kanye West, as he previously expressed anger over footage of his daughter wearing makeup earlier this year. He was very vocal about his disapproval and demanded that she not use lipstick or appear on TikTok without his consent. Kanye felt that he was being provoked or misrepresented.

Kim Kardashian Wears Sheer Black Dress With North In Italy: Photos –  Hollywood Life

The individual expressed their disapproval of a video featuring North miming to a track and voiced their concern about the impact of Tik Tok on young children. They also criticized leftist views on fatherhood and expressed their desire for a say in their children’s lives, including their choice of school. The speaker emphasized their right to speak out on these issues.

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